Service Specialty: 24/7, 911

24/7, 911

Life happens. Plans change. Who's there to help you at 2:00 a.m., no matter the time zone?


  • You're on your way to the airport, ticket to Barcelona in hand, when you find you need to go to Copenhagen instead.

  • You're in a client meeting and need some immediate assistance based on your clients comments.

  • You need a last minute PowerPoint presentation or slide rewrite.

24/7, Emerging Trends stands at the ready. When our clients last minute requests require immediate assistance, we offer a "911 Service". When you reach out through that link, we guarantee a return response within 15 minutes. 


We'll be on it.



(This service is transferable for a friend or colleague to use. You, the client will need to follow the 24/7, 911 link, leaving your approval for the other person to use this service. The time it takes to resolve your situation will be charged against your subscription.)

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