Emerging Trends services are offered on a monthly subscription basis, with additional hours billed at the same rate.


  • Our entry-level subscription is for 12 hours each month, an average of over one-half hour each working day. From there, we can tailor our subscription to meet your business goals.

  • Any hours past your subscription agreement will be invoiced at the same hourly rate as your subscription hours.

  • Hours not used in any month will be carried for two weeks into the next month.

  • Each monthly subscription of 20 hours or more includes one 24/7, 911 service response that is transferable to a family member, friend, or colleague.*

  • We invoice on the 15th of each month for the following month. 

Just think! More than one-half hour each and every business day, focused on those tasks that you simply can not get to. And those completed tasks come with:

  • NO employee headcount

  • NO employee benefits

  • NO employment taxes

  • A full complement of assistants with Super-Powers

… Just a simple monthly invoice.

How will YOU use that extra hour each and every business day?
Be sure and tell us when we have our first conversation!



*Each monthly subscription of 20 hours or more includes one monthly 24/7, 911 service response with the actual time to fulfill your request deducted from your subscription hours. This will not carry over. Additional 24/7, 911 services will be invoiced at $50 each, with the actual time spent on the request deducted from your subscription hours. This one included 24/7, 911 service is transferable. The client can gift this to a colleague, friend, family member, or anyone else. Please note: the time involved in meeting this third-party's request will be deducted from the client's monthly hours.

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