As a Microsoft Partner, I was invited to be part of the semi-annual Partner Advisory Council. I was unable to attend one of the two-day events recently.  When Microsoft forwarded the transcript to me, I chose to read the notes from my home office that evening. A bit later, my wife came in to see who I was talking to.

The notes were so thorough that I wasn't simply reading the transcript; I was talking to the room. And not only was I having a conversation with the room, I was having a disagreement with the room.

                                                                               - G.R., Microsoft Partner

My team brought Emerging Trends in to help with an event. They did a great job, but the next time we held such an event, we chose to have someone in-house do that work. 


We had no idea how critical it can be to have someone not vested in the conversation take our notes! Rather than 80 pages, we got ten. Rather than Action Items that were actionable, we had a few, but they weren't attributed to anyone. 


We brought Jill and her team in the next time because we realized the loss in value far outweighed the cost of bring in the professionals.

                                                              - B.T, Microsoft Program Manager

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