Emerging Trends continually augments the skills set we already have in order to offer even more service offerings.

About Us

Emerging Trends was founded by Jill Hopster, a proven leader. With her 20+ years of experience having been honed at Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, NIKE, Tektronix, The Clorox Company, and 3M, Jill understands what it takes to consistently lead a team to the next level of expectations.

Just as your business is unique, how we work with each client is unique. Our continual goal is to offer you every resource possible for your personal and organizational success and growth. To that end, Jill was thoughtful when building this team and will continue to do so when bringing in new talent.

Emerging Trends hiring goals will always be twofold. Each new team member will:

Augment the Skills Set the Team Already Has,
New Skills to our Service Offerings

Based on your specific business needs, we match each client with an assistant best suited to work with you. Your assistant will then seamlessly coordinate your work inside the our organization. Our working model is realizing that each Emerging Trends assistant has differing skills and that its in recognizing that that we can provide with the very best work product and ensure that your work is completed according to your wishes. And because that's our working model, we have the freedom to bring new people on to the team as needed.

Your assistant is thus enabled to be a Super-Assistant, cape and all, because we encourage this vision:


The Sharing of Talents Inside the Team.


Emerging Trends staffs your business with a full complement of skills, allowing you the time to do what you do best....


    Run your Business!

Without Headcount!

Without Benefits!

Without Full-Time, Multiple Staff People!

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