Service Specialties

Travel Planning

You just need to get there. But you know what you do and don’t like about travel. We create itineraries based on your preferences and will take care of your travel arrangements. All the details without the fuss.

Internet Research

What do you need to know? Competitors advantages? Potential customers current practices? What else? Let us dig deep and find you as much information as possible.


Knowing your vendors creates a relationship beneficial to you and the vendor. We learn your preferences and cultivate relationships with the vendors best suited to your business. Whether sourcing product or coordinating services, we work to best meet your needs.


The written word has incredible power and what your clients reads is a reflection on you and your business. Whether copy editing, creating a newsletter, web page copy, letter, email, or any other communication, we put the polish on your messaging. The resulting clear and professional communication reflects your unique voice.

File Maintenance

When you began your business, did you take the time to map out an efficient way to save your files? Or, like most people, is everything on your desktop? Emerging Trends has several different filing concepts that we can adapt to make sense to you and help keep you moving forward.


Do you send survey requests to your clients? Have you ever compiled the surveys received? How would your business improve if you knew the tiny nuggets of feedback that all your clients have provided you with? Allowing us to summarize all the surveys provides you with relevant information to grow. We all know a happy client is a repeat client. We work to ensure your clients are happy and your business runs smoothly 

Scheduling & Calendaring

You’re on the move running your business. We can keep you moving in the right direction by providing you with a clear and concise calendar. We keep your calendar current and optimized, focusing on your strategic goals.

Do you need to schedule a meeting where a consensus of participants is necessary? No matter how many, we ensure your meeting is attended by as many people as possible.

Give your calendar superpowers by allowing us to keep you on track while minimizing calendaring distractions.

Event Logistics

Let us take the pain out of your event planning. Whether an office party, client meetings seminar, dinner, retreat, etc., leave the details and coordination to us. Keeping your vision in mind, we will find the right venue and caterer, as well as other vendors to make your event a success.

                                  And much, much more.......